I am not always lucky enough to get a three day weekend, when working full time; it is a rare occurrence and when it does come along, I have learnt to savour it. When I received my roster, and noticed I had three days off in April, the traveller inside me thought ‘where do i go?’ 3 days is definitely long enough for a little get away, hell, I would take 2 days – a holiday is a holiday, right? I let my boyfriend, Brady know as soon as I could that we we’re going away that weekend. I suggested a road trip, and he suggested camping, perfect combination – right? So we packed the boot of his black Toyota Corolla with enough food, snacks, blankets and fire wood for three days, and we headed south.

I think that the best kinds of holidays are the ones that are unplanned, the ones where we have no where to be, and just go where we feel at the time.

We drove for 5 hours, listening to the playlist he put together of all of our favourite songs, we were driving along pitch black dirt roads, and I was on Kangaroo watch, apparently they jump out at cars when they see the lights. We eventually ended up somewhere in New South Wales. It was 9pm, It was dark, and the campsite was quiet… Which is lucky to come by over a long weekend! It was perfect. We didn’t feel the need to set up the tent, so we just made a bed in the boot. – It was rather comfy believe it or not.

I only started camping when I met Brady, and his ‘wilderness skills’ never cease to amaze me, how the hell did he start that fire? Our weekends away are always amazing.

We sat around the campfire talking about life, enjoying each other’s company and looking up at the stars.

The morning came around far too quickly, and we jumped out of bed and wandered down to the beach for Brady to check out the surf – it was ‘pumping’ (surfers language???) So he went out, this was the perfect opportunity for me to relax and read my book. I got about half way through my book before he came out, I didn’t even notice how long he was out there for, I was so hooked and so relaxed (and a little bit sunburnt).

Once we were finished at the beach, we went to another, which Brady remembered from previous camping trips – had a fresh water shower, and it did, and it was beautiful. He went for another surf and I relaxed on the beach once again. It was so nice to unwind.

We walked along the beach for a while, it was a hot day but the sand was still cool enough to walk on without burning our feet. We had a pebble skipping competition, which ended in a tie (we’re both as pathetic as each other), and as we collected more pebbles we walked about 2 metres away from a large snake before noticing. This was the first snake I had ever seen in the wild, and naturally I was frightened. ‘Stand still’ Brady kept telling me. Alright, alright – what would I do without him. 

Afternoon came around, and we drove to our new campsite which was right next to the beach. We had prepared a cheese platter with different cheeses, dips, meats and crackers, and we sat on the beach, me with my Rekordling Cider, and Brady with his beer. This was my idea of a good weekend, the sand was golden and the beach was almost secluded except for some people about a kilometre away.

That night, we slept in the back of the car again, we had packed a tent, but who can be bothered really? Brady cooked us dinner on the campfire, steak burgers and chicken kebabs with potato salad, we listened to music, and sat around the campfire before falling asleep.

The next morning, we head home – but not without a few stops along the way.