I am from Australia, and one thing that we lack of in the beauty world, is Sephora. They are hard to come by on this side of the pond, and when you do eventually come across this makeup lovers heaven, good luck finding anything you want. Instead of Sephora, we have Mecca Maxima, which I’d say is like Sephora’s younger sister who has always struggled to live up to her sisters high standards. What? Did I just say that? Yes.. I did, and it’s true.

With this being said, surely you could understand my excitement, walking through Times Square and seeing a different Sephora around every corner, and not just this – but fully stocked Sephora’s with everything you could dream of.

You will learn from reading my blog in the future that i am a makeup lover and collector… so I made it my mission to buy something from every.. single.. one of them.

And here is what I picked up.

  Belif creamy cleansing foam & the true cream

My Skin was struggling with the harsh weather conditions of America’s east coast in winter. It became incredibly dry and grossly Flakey. – I went to Sephora one night, since they don’t actually close until midnight in New York, (Isn’t that insane?) and I asked the lady what she would recommend for my skin, she introduced me to the ‘Belif’ range from Korea, and it’s GREAT, it is now a part of my holy grail skin care routine every morning and night. – I’m loving it!

      Beauty sleep accelerator, night and                         flight cream

Airplanes tend to dry out my skin, especially underneath the eyes where the skin is at it’s most sensitive. Friends, please don’t be as silly as me and board a long haul flight without any moisturiser in your hand luggage! The air pressure in the cabin is disastrous for your skin. If you too experience skin changes during a flight, I highly recommend this product by soap and glory. It really does work wonders, you’re welcome.

  The Body Shop – Strawberry body butter &                mango sugar body scrub  

These little guys were really just a random purchase at a moment of weakness, not from Sephora. Although they do smell beautiful & I am a sucker for body butters and scrubs.

         Too Faced sweet peach palette

Cutest. Palette. Ever. I had been searching for this for ages in Australia, but it always seemed to sell out in seconds. However, in New York it was in every Sephora store, in piles and the very front. I couldn’t help myself, but could anyone really?

Isn’t it just adorable?

       Laura Mercia translucent powder

I had been using elf translucent powder previously – but was in need of an upgrade. Heard amazing things and so far I have not been disappointed by this product!

 Benefit brow zings, precisely my brow, girl         meets pearl, Dandelion & fake up

I was a wee bit early for my flight to LAX from JFK. So naturally I went to duty free where there was a big beautiful shelf full of benefit products. I was in need of some new eyebrow products, and blush, and concealer and highlighter… (Not Really) but boredom took over me, besides, I had some left over US dollars that i knew I wouldn’t bother converting back to AUD. Dandelion is the cutest blush ever and has quickly turned into my number one. Girl meets pearl is great for a little pick me up. Highly recommend. Treat Yourself ladies.

  Urban Decay, naked illuminated, eyeshadow          primer and all night setting spray

 Urban Decay is really easy to pick up in Australia but I still couldn’t help myself. Naked illuminated in luminous is now my top highlighter.

 Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance              Palette and Brow Promade

Obsessed with this palette, the warm tonnes are gorgeous and go perfect with my skin tone. I have used it almost every day since I bought it, no wonder it is every make up lovers dream.

Just a peak at the beauty that is this palette, great job Anastasia Beverley Hills.

  Mac lip liners in soar and chicory, Caitlyn  Jenner collection lipstick and Prep and Prime

Mac was unbelievably cheap in the USA. My biggest regret is not buying more of it. Like Sephora’s, mac was on every corner, and open until midnight every night. (Do you New Yorker’s ever sleep?) PS. I think every girl needs at least one thing from the Caitlyn Jenner Collection. Eeek!

Too Faced melted, natural eyes, peach lip gloss               and hangover primer

Too Faced has got to be the cutest brand ever, If the makeup quality isn’t enough, the packaging would be enough for me to snatch it up. Hangover primer is amazing, and the peach lip gloss, although it wasn’t amazing at first, has quickly made its way into my handbag and I take it to work with me every day, I love it!

            Stila liquid lipsticks

Stila liquid lipsticks are my favourite matte lippys on the market and I have tried a lot.I think they even beat Jeffrey star, and everyone knows how much I love my Jeffrey star! These suckers stay on all day without fail, eat, drink, you name it. LOVE.

   Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation &                  Tartiest pro palette

Firstly, Tarte rainforest of the sea is a water based foundation, it’s super light and great for the Australian summer. But definetly not great with coverage. I mean, I wear it all the time non the less but just FIY. Terrible coverage. The tartiest pro palette, however, is gorgeous. – see photo below.

I feel as though this palette is like all the tartelette palettes morphed into one. And it’s truely as amazing as it looks. A mixture of mattes and glitters, best essential palette ever.

And that, my loves, concludes my New York makeup haul. If you think it’s a lot – you should see how much food I bought.