Anybody that knows me at all, knows that I love to op shop, half my wardrobe, shoes and household decorations and furniture are from op shops. Honestly, I may as well have been bought from an op shop myself.

We are moving into a new house in the coming months, and there is no way better to make a house a home, than making old things new again – Last weekend, I went op shopping, in hopes of finding some random household items to make our home beautiful.

Here are some little bits and bobs I found, and might I add, I am super proud of my op shopping skills.

“Keep calm and eat a cupcake” – isn’t this cute! can’t wait to hang it up in the kitchen. ($4)

I found this gorgeous juke box.old radio cookie jar at a local op shop. Couldn’t get over the cuteness. I wont be putting cookies in it, but I will be displaying it on a cute rustic wooden bookshelf I picked up at salvos. ($5)

The perfect piece to lighten up a room. ($4)

My mother fell in love with little cupcake and sundae cookie jars. We think we are going to create a sundae shack in the house, will keep you updated if this happens. These are both bigger than my head. ($4) and ($3)

Thought this jar would look cute with some flowers.. quite simple, but can definitely turn into something beautiful. ($3)

Mug display and mug. We bought so many beautiful mugs over the years, why hide then in the cupboard? I love to display my pretty things. I also picked up the cute mug pictured above, reminds me of Central Perk for some reason. Although I don’t like coffee, I’m sure it will be just as good with hot chocolate. ($2 each)

Cake stand, Jamie Oliver. Okay, I don’t bake too often but for the sake of this blog I sure am going to start. This is cute, I had to. ($2)

I picked up this lamp at the first op shop we went to that day, and I figured I would spray paint it yellow and put it in my office to brighten it up.($5)

I believe that every room in a house needs at least one plant, whether it be real or fake. I know I am terrible at keeping them alive, so fake works for me. These will go in the lounge room. ($5 each)

I thought this doggie treat jar was the cutest thing in the world, like I mentioned before, I love displaying things rather than hiding them away. This is a way to make even dog treats look cute! ($3)

I LOVE MOSS BUNNIES!! I think I may start collecting them. They are just the cutest things int he world, although, my entire family hates them. Oh well, they might just have to live with it, he’s going next to the TV.

Did I mention how my mother became obsessed with the sundae and cupcake cookie jars? yup.. every single one we saw that day, we had to buy. Where the hell are we going to put these. (all up $15)

What better way to eat tacos than in a bowl designed specifically for them. These Taco bowls were too cute to ignore, they’re baby yellow and will really brighten up the house.

These cups just looked so refreshing, plus, they’re yellow, my favourite colour in the world. ($7 for the set)

Decorative cushions are my go to for decorating any room. (except the kitchen and toilet lol) ($5)

Going to hang this up on the wall in the craft room. ($3 total)

This poster is about 70cm tall, and was still wrapped in its original packaging. It’s going to be such a lovely touch in our kitchen. Definitely one of my favourite purchases. ($5)

Picked up a big stack of bright coloured materials to make cushions out of. ($70)

Wall decorations made out of tin. ($3)

I managed to track down some vintage books that I had read and loved in the past, these are going to have a home on our shelf (next to the moss bunny) ($10)


4 colourful sundae cups. ($7 for the set)

These were brand new and un opened! aren’t they adorable! ($6)

Sugar, Coffee and Tea tins ($8)

Pineapple canvas to brighten up the room. ($4)

 Baby blue bowls, (they go with the sundae cups) ($6)

Eeek! There are so many goodies you can pick up at op shops! I can’t wait to decorate our house and make it a bright and fun loving home.