The hardest thing to think about is life, and the ending of our life. It is something that no matter how much or how hard you think, you can never quite wrap your head around the fact that one day, we just won’t be here. We live for a lifetime, thats a long time, right? Wrong. Once we are gone, after 80 years give or take – the world goes on, we just aren’t there anymore. ┬áSure, a lifetime is a long time to us – it’s our whole life! but is it really a long time in the grand scheme of things? The worst part of this brain wrenching question is that not only is life short, but it can change in a split second.

I have made it my paramount mission to tell everyone whom I love, that I love them – as much and as often as I possibly can, because you never know when the split second that could change your life might come around – I hope never.

My friends and family all notice that whenever I leave my house – I yell out ‘I love you Mum!’ ‘I love you Dad!’ ‘I love you Kyle!’ I love you Ryan!’ but I don’t stop there, I yell out ‘I love you Kitzi!’ ‘I love you Balto!’

They ask me why this is, and it may seem stupid, that almost every time I leave the house I need to make such a big commotion – but the truth is, you never know what may have changed when you come back, and I couldn’t imagine something happening and my last words being ones that aren’t made purely of love.

The same rules apply for my partner, though we have been together for years, and know surely how much we love each other without the words – I need to tell him as often as I can. It is not something scripted and it is not really all too necessary, sometimes to be quite frank, it annoys him; but I just can’t help myself – the words come out without a second thought, because if I truely love someone, I want them to know at every moment I can.

There are five languages of love: Gift giving, quality time, acts of service (devotion), physical touch, and words of affirmation. If you can’t already tell – I am the later. It means that I show my love for someone through spoken affection, praise or appreciation, it is also how I prefer to receive love. – make it your mission today, like it is mine every day – to let everyone know that you love them in the way your love language, whether that be giving them a hug, cleaning the house or saying those three words like myself – Tell your families, your friends, your pets, your boyfriend or girlfriend, tell every one of your loved ones that you love them, and never leave the house without saying ‘I love you.’