Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love to organise little events. Sometimes its for special events, like a birthday party or anniversary, even a graduation – or sometimes it is just for the sake of getting the people I love to come together.

Nicole and myself spent the day organising this little sunset dinner party, here’s what we did –

The Food

No picnic is complete without a large array of food. Nicole and I went to the supermarket a total of 4 times during the day because we kept coming up with brand new ways to make the food exciting and delicious. – We had an assortment of cheese platters, 4 to be exact, with all different types of cheeses, crackers, meats and dips. I spent the morning preparing a scrumptious vegetarian Cob loaf which was a real hit with everyone, if you ever need a quick, easy and cheap party snack make this!


450g cob loaf

250g frozen spinach, thawed

250g cream cheese

300ml sour cream

40g packet, french onion soup mix

And that’s all it takes!


The Set up and decor

For this Picnic I didn’t need to buy anything other than the food – my family does have quite a rustic decor approach and so I used what I could find around my garden.

One of my favourite things which you will see in the film clip, is the cauldron which held ice for the drinks, while this was quite small, it really had an excellent effect and was a little bit original. The ladder has been sitting in our backyard for months, and is definitely no longer in working order – I thought this would be the perfect occasion to give it one last dance, and it looked so beautiful with the candles sitting on top.

The thing that really tied everything together was the net, this net has sit at the end of my bed when I was a little girl and it really sectioned out the area for the picnic party. – we tried to give it a Teepee effect – and to brighten the area up a bit we hung string lights all around the area.

Our fire place is one of my favourite things, made from an old washing machine where we took out the middle – it is portable and can be moved anywhere, if you ever need a fireplace just find an old washing machine (We picked ours up on the side of the road during hard rubbish)

The last couple of things we needed to set up was our ground area, the place where the picnic party would really take place. We wanted to make it as comfortable as possible, and we wanted to keep it stuck with our rustic chic theme. I had an old pallet in the backyard (Glad no one got splinters) we used this as a table – which was a huge success! we then placed blankets upon blankets all around the general area, and dolled it up with some throw cushions to add comfort.

All in all, it was a beautiful evening, the set up and the food was delicious – if you are ever feeling the itch to plan an event, just invite some friends over and rummage through your house and garden! You never know what treasures you may find.

This is my first time testing out my brand new Canon EOS 70D camera, and so all the settings are on auto (I’m not that advanced) – and the filming is rather shaky, bear with me while I try get the hang of it, I’m sure I’ll be a pro in no time.