Every inch of my body has wanted to travel since before I can remember. I have always had such a thirst for the unknown and I find great joy in being able to take a photo on my own camera of a sight that I had only ever seen from a real photographer on the internet. While I have been so fortunate in my life thus far to have travelled to some spectacular places, from seeing the Eiffel Tower at night to riding tuk tuks in south east Asia, petting a Cheetah in South Africa or seeing a blanket of white snow cover the city of New York – I never thought I would have the opportunity to embark on a luxury river cruise down the Rhine and Danube, yet, somehow, here I am!

I have heard the stories, how everything is done for you at your hearts desire – how when you board you are handed a white rose and every one smiles at you when you pass them in the corridor. That every night you can order from a pillow menu (yes… a menu… of pillows) and you are welcomed to your room after a long day with a tiny chocolate on your pillow and your bed turned down. How no matter what you fancy, whether it be a cheese platter bought to your balcony, a cocktail on the deck, or even just a box of Pringles to accompany you in bed while you watch movies on demand – your butler will take care of it

I boarded the Scenic Jewel yesterday afternoon, 1 night out of 14 I have spent on this cruise so far and already I am feeling pampered beyond belief.

It started when I boarded in Amsterdam after spending 2 days exploring the city- I was tired, my feet were sore from walking the gorgeous cobblestone streets and I was ready to relax. 3pm, I embarked the Scenic Spaceship – immediately greeted by my butler who walked us to our room, magically our suitcases were already waiting for us – before we even arrived. He introduced us to our floating hotel room and Scenic sun lounge (MoreĀ on the sun lounge later). As we spoke to him I couldn’t help but notice he was taking down notes, my mother and I were telling him how excited we were to be here, how we enjoy our cheese platters, how I love my Pringles and mum needs her morning coffee to function. That night, after checking out the red light district, we jumped back on the ship only to notice that our butler had left a cheese platter in our room and extra Pringles were sat on the table next to my bed.. I think I could get used to this.

I cannot speak highly enough of the service on board Scenic – one day into the trip and the Butlers have already blown my mind. Every little thing has been thought of onboard Scenic’s luxury spaceships – nothing has been left to chance.

Now that I raved on about the fantastic service onboard Scenic, I want to talk a little bit about the amenities on board, started with the suites. Scenic is very well known for their Scenic sun lounges, not just a balcony but an extension of your room with electronic glass panels that allow you to have a breath of fresh air or a floor to ceiling window – your choice. This is the perfect place to relax in the morning in your gown, sip a cup of coffee, (which is continently bought to you by your butler) read a book or just watch the world go by. May I also mention the bathrooms – from previous experiences on board cruises I noticed that bathrooms are never large, I expected the same on board a river cruise ship – but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the shower is three times the size of mine at home!

From the second you step on board Scenic it is obvious that they mean it when they say ‘all inclusive luxury’ – unlimited alcohol, yes… the bar stays open until you decide to leave, whenever that may be. Your mini bar is restocked daily with drinks and snacks (whichever means unlimited Pringles for me) and you can eat as much food as you want! Ahh… I really could get used to this.

One optional service that Scenic offers on board is their wellness spa and hair salon – I decided to pamper myself this afternoon (not that I am already being pampered or anything) and I opted for a half hour facial massage – now I feel even more relaxed than before and ready to hit the bar!

If a river cruise through Europe is something you’ve been um-ing and argh-ing about – take this as your sign to book that holiday! (I can help you organise it of course) I have a very strong feeling that this cruise is going to be the best two weeks of my life.

I will keep you updated over the course of the cruise – but for now I’m heading to a seven course gala dinner. (How fancy)

Robyn xx