Social media has changed the way that we see the world – probably because we arent really seeing it anymore, And it has also changed the way we see ourselves, because we find it so much harder to love ourselves than we did before.

We base so much of our self worth on what others think about us, it makes us feel better about ourselves not when we have a breath of fresh air but when we are complimented by a stranger behind the mask of the internet. We don’t itch to talk to the man sitting alone in an empty restaurant anymore, no – what gives us a rush is matching with a number of new men on an online dating site who you know didn’t even read your bio and who you know you’ll never make the effort of talking to.

Social media gives us all the opportunity to create a fake mask, or barrier to hide behind and I think we have all fallen into the trap. While some people we follow on instagram look so picturesque and perfect we need to remember that they choose what goes there, and they choose exactly what we see. They are able to portray themselves however they want to bring forward a false representation of their image and life.

A survey of young people on social media was done recently, and the results showed that instagram is the worst social media platform for one’s mental health 74 out of 100 people choosing in – and here is my take on why.

1. We compare ourselves.

Comparison is so dangerous for ones mental health. The more we look at someone else’s picture perfect life over the internet the more we begin to despise our own and think of ourselves as imperfect.  On instagram we are able to crop out the things we don’t want, we are able to arrange our photos and  captions in such a way that our lives look flawless even though this is rarely the case.

2. Some people aren’t as photogenic as others.

And that doesn’t mean you are unattractive! Certain facial features are proven to show better on camera than in real life. The majority of instagram are photos of ones self and so if you aren’t happy with the way you look compared to other people’s photos it can really rain your self esteem.

3. It’s all photographs.

Instagram is souly based on photographs and was literally created to share photos with the world. – even if there are captions they are more often than not meaningless brain gobble. Facebook we have the opportunity to write statuses and updates, other people can share on your wall publically – on instagram you can’t. On instagram it is is all about YOU and the way you want others to see you.  No one is going to post a photo of themselves they hate, are they?

4. We base our self worth on our amount of followers.

Have you ever deleted a photo off your instagram account after an hour of posting it? I have, because it didn’t perform as well as some of my other posts and therefore I deemed it as un worthy and not good enough. We see people with 100 + likes or even 1000 + and we wonder what is wrong with us? Why do  we not get as many as these people? We often put it down to the fact that we aren’t good enough or pretty enough.

5. It can give you an unhealthy ego. 

Not only does our self esteem get affected negatively when we don’t ‘perform’ as well as other people on instagram – but it can also have a negative impact when we do. The feeling of having other people wish they lived your life would be very uplifting for some, if we base our self worth on followers imagine having 100,000+ – but the life portrayed on instagram is often so altered and unreal.

6. It’s all fake.

Okay, the photos are real – but I know from experience that I take a good 20 selfies at least before I choose one I consider to be good enough for social media and sure enough the people you are comparig yourself to do too! Photographs are not real life. Have you ever noticed that you look better in certain lighting? I sure do, and then once we’ve chosen a photograph to our Liking we edit it with filters, airbrush and lighting alterations. So many apps are available for us to ALTER OURSELVES. Why? Because we base our self worth on what others think about us.