Maybe he told you that you were’nt attractive enough, because your skin isn’t completely clear and you aren’t stick thin – you have curves maybe in all the wrong places and when you wake up you don’t look like a scene from a movie.

But someone else is going to look at you and think you are the pinnacle of beauty, he will love every curve and bump and freckle and understand that your body is a temple and is something to be loved, not torn apart by harmful words and stares. Instead of making you want to cross your arms over your stomach and only undress yourself in the dark from the fear of being put down or be considered unattractive, they will embrace you in all your forms, early in the morning when your eyes are half closed, hairs a mess and face a little discoloured Рafter a meal where your stomach has expanded from a little too much bread and when you dress yourself up for no apparent reason Рonly to feel beautiful, and he will make you FEEL beautiful, because you ARE beautiful.

Maybe he told you that you were a little too easy, because on your first date you wore your heart on your sleeve and opened up about your life and your demons, maybe because you jumped into bed on the second date or told him how you felt a little earlier than he was used to.

But someone else is going to come along and they are going to appreciate your ability to be open and comfortable, they are going to listen to you ramble on about your life and love the little letters you write them, not disregard them like last weeks trash. Someone will be ready for you and all the love you have to offer.

Maybe he didn’t tell you anything at all – maybe he left without an explanation – and this is always the worst because your mind wonders, what did you do wrong to result in him ignoring you and shutting you out without so much as a why? – And you worry with every inch of your being that maybe it was YOUR fault that he left. You put it down to the fact that maybe you were too clingy, maybe you weren’t pretty enough, maybe, he found someone better, or may e you just weren’t worthy of an explanation.

But you are going to meet someone who isn’t a complete and utter coward, you are going to meet someone who will be open and honest and tell you what they are feeling. Eventually you will stumble across a man who knows what he wants and he won’t just run away when things get a little too difficult or life gets in the way.

Maybe he said you were too clingy, because when he’d cancel on your plans last minute you would actually stand up for yourself, and how he never had the guts to make plans and so it always fell on you to organise dates otherwise you wouldnt see him at all. Maybe you were too clingy because after years together you could actually see a future with him and you wanted to dream and imagine life together – because he made you so happy – but whenever you’d try talk he would shut you down, and eventually you couldn’t see that bright future anymore.

But someone is going to love to spend time with you, and understand that you deserve more than being a second option next to friends, football and Xbox. They will respect the fact that everyone needs alone time but sometimes it is okay to mould two worlds together and your relationship doesn’t always have to be on the sidelines. Someone is going to live for the way you grin and jump onto him when you see him like it’s been two months even though it may have only been a couple hours. – and he will listen to you dream about your future because he sees it too.

Maybe he left you for someone else- and we always consider someone else’s to be better, Prettier, funnier, and suddenly we feel we are no longer good enough for anyone.

But someone is going to make you realise that it wasn’t you that wasn’t good enough, and it wasn’t your fault they found someone else. He is going to make you understand that someone else isn’t necessarily better, prettier, funnier.

You are going to meet someone who makes you feel like you are enough, because you are more than enough.